Our Quality Policy

As ErsözTarım Agricultural Machinery, we are in the service of our valued farmers with our safe and quality products.Thanks to its understanding of production without uncompromising quality and its simple and light structure, it has become indispensable for its farmers.

In this context, our company;

To provide products and services in accordance with national standards,

To provide customer satisfaction with the principle of “today, tomorrow and always quality” with experienced technical staff and employees,

To be the leader, demanded and modeled company in the sector,

To make continuous improvement in our system in line with developing technology and changing standards.

Our company, which does not compromise from quality to production in every field, will continue to produce the best for you.

The centrifugal fertilizer spreading machine is connected to the tractor by the three-point suspension system.

The machine is driven by the tractor’s power take-off attachment through the shaft.


The fertilizer quantity adjustment can be made from the tractor by means of the hydraulic adjustment system.

The opportunity of a balanced and equal amount of beats adjustment with accurate degree adjustment system

Thanks to specially designed outlet openings, an equal amount of fertilization is provided to both sides.

Openable sieve system for easy access and cleaning ..

It is produced as 600-800-1000-1200 lt.

Articulated Bucket

Bucket with Fixed Dipper

Bucket with Dipper Extension

Fixed Bucket

Bucket with Extension

Fixed Leveling Shovel

Reciprocating Leveling Shovel

Two-Way Leveling Shovel

Articulated Leveling Shovel

Folding (Assistant) Bucket

Max. Lifting Height

Avr. Work Capacity